This is not a normal topic that I would be writing about, but the Super Bowl was great.   I have to tell you my wife is a New England fan but she was even rooting for the Eagles because of their faith.  In the last month I learned about the Faith of the Eagles players that amazed me.   During an interview with the Running Back “Jay Ajayi” the interviewer asked him a question about the Christian Faith of his team.   He responded how awesome it was to be working with a group of believers..      (The Eagles are getting to be known as a team of Christian Faith)
Our local Newspaper on Saturday had an article about the Quarter Back “Nick Foles” and it was telling about how he was working on becoming a High School Pastor.   That seems to be where his passion is and he knows after football he wants to join the ministry.  In the article it also mentioned that another player was planning on becoming a Minister “Stefen Wisniewksi”.   If you have kept up with the media on the Faith of the Eagles you would also know that the other quarterback “Carson Wentz” has been interviewed several times about his faith.   Then the topper of all this was when I read about other team members accepting Jesus and being baptized the day before a game…    This is absolutely awesome – Jesus is shining through a whole NFL Team.
When I look at the Faith of the Eagles team it makes me want to join them if only I had some skills, so I guess that is not a choice for me LOL….    What I can do is look at their example and see how I can make the world around me look like a team of Faith.  It is easy to do it in a Church Setting, but how can I do this in the my connections outside the church.   You know when we get involved in different activities outside the church why can’t we be a group of faith.   It can be with our:       Hunting Partners –  Our Fantasy Football Team –  Our Softball Team –  Our Bowling Team – Our guys we play games with (Electronic or physical) – Our Politics – Our Neighborhood.    There are allot of areas that Christ can shine through all of us in our connections…..   we just need to the have the boldness of the Philadelphia Eagles Christian players to create a Team of Faith.  ##Remember that the Eagles team has non-Christians also – so you may want to invite some of your non-Christian friends to join you….
So Look and see where you can make this happen today…..  Let us be known as a “Team of Faith”…
****Let your light shine – do not hide it under a Bushel…….    just had to throw this on in….