FCA – Breakfast:

I had the pleasure of attending a FCA Breakfast yesterday and listen to some testimonies from a couple of the UW Football Players…   and the never forgotten Karsten Sween.   On their hand out was the FCA’s Vision:  “To see SE WY impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of Coaches and Athletes.”  WOW – what a vision – and when you heard the testimonies from these guys – it showed Changed lives because of how Christ is working through them.
One of the Highlights was a Web Cast giving away the Bart Starr award – which was given to Aaron Rogers for his impact outside of football in the area of Character and Integrity.   Bart Star had made a few comments that brought purpose behind what are priorities should be – 1.  God    2.  Family   3. Other people…  He had also written Aaron a letter during some tough transitional times in Green bay because of the leaving of Bret Farve.     Three main parts in his advice were:

  • 1.   Character and Integrity had to be a major part in the transition:
  • 2.  God had a plan for you – You must Believe it.
  • 3.  We are praying for you – (Bart Starr and his wife)

This is some great advice when we are going through the tough times and making sure we have someone praying for us…
A verse that one of the athletes quoted was:      “John 10:10    10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”      We must remember that Jesus came to give us not just life – but life in its fullest – and we must be aware that there is an enemy that wants to take that from us.
At the end there were small quotes from the Super Bowl players (Broncos and Seahawks) about who was first in their life.   I am always impressed when an athlete steps forward in Boldness and says who their Savior is.
I have not always been that Bold — but as my relationship with Christ grows – it is getting much easier to share my faith.

Enjoy the Super Bowl – but at the same time remember the gifts that have been given to these athletes and who gave it to them.

What are you going to leave behind that people will remember you by – we all have great talents – are we using them to impact people.

**Go Chargers – whoops – the Broncos beat them….   So I guess I will have to root for the Broncos….