Duty to Judge – Nah

     For many years I thought it was my duty to judge Everyone, what a lie from the enemy. As I grew and learned the Truth of Christ quickly I realized how wrong I was. Though scripture tells us to judge the fruit of a believer, it never tells us to judge his or her heart, that belongs only to our Lord. We are to gently correct them always in Love.   Mat: 7:1 Do not judge so you will not be judged & more important verse 2.
     We should always keep in mind that when we start to judge another person believer or not that God will hold you responsible for your words and action. Mat: 7:5 should be the first thing that comes to your mind, YOU Hypocrite. That should scare you enough to stop you in your tracks and get you back to where you should be.
      By no means am I saying I have this down. I have BLOWN IT many times, but as we mature in Christ are action and words should reflect that we are trying to live a life as HE instructs us to live.