Do they deserve it????

Today I was reading my Daily Devotional from the Robertson Gang (Awesome Daily Devotional) and Jep was talking about when his wife would give money or food to anybody she would see on the side of the road.   He would get upset if she gave someone money with no expectations of how it was spent – he was afraid that they would spend it on Drugs or Booze.  Her response was “It’s not our place to judge, but to show them kindness just as Christ has done to us.”    WOW….   Do we give people what they do not deserve with no strings attached?   Jesus message was always about our Hearts toward other people – especially the downtrodden (response from Jep).
A really good Pastor friend of mine (Jason) has a heart for people and on one of his sermons he preached he talked about when you shovel the snow – why not get the neighbors too.  Well one day he was trying to get in touch with his Mom and it took forever.  When he finally got in touch with her – he asked where she had been…      Her response was that she was shoveling her walk and the Neighbors – another WOW moment.    As I was driving by my friend Nick’s Home today – he was a half of a block from home shoveling someone else’s driveway (He had already done his and the neighbors).
     What would it be like if all Christians had a Heart as the few people mentioned above – would it change the world???   
Pastor Jeff preached one time on giving people what they do not deserve (Radical GRACE) and used a story of tipping a Waiter/Waitress.  If you know me you have heard this story several times…   But I like to tip with $2 bills and the Wait staff who will get more is the one that his given me bad service (30% tip)  (but I tip them all well).  You know what – I have seen it change hearts… and attitudes and enjoyed seeing one of the wait staff come back with a changed heart. (Try tipping someone who does not deserve it – for most people it is hard – but it will change two hearts when you have done it)
So let’s talk about what you are going to do as the week progresses – How can you give someone what they do not deserve with no strings attached.
1.       At work – who is that employee you struggle with…???
2.      When driving – who is that person that irritates you the most????
3.      How about a good friend who has wronged you?????
4.      Forgiving someone who does not deserve it – a really hard one………….
The list can go on – but look for those moments to change your heart and give someone something they do not deserve….    Look at the Great examples Christ has given us……

 “Radical Truth and Grace”