Daily List of things to accomplish:

It has been a few weeks since I blogged – but I have been blessed with a lot of road miles and some great prayer time…  so I am back… 
          I recently had the pleasure of visiting a Pastor Friend who was in the Hospital and I came home truly blessed.   Pastor Bill went in to get something checked out and before the visit was over – they told him he needed double bypass surgery (he did not go in for his Heart).  Bill did not even know he had a problem with his heart – at the age of (I have been told @ 86) – he just figured after working in the yard all day that he was getting tired because he was one of us that are a little seasoned. 
          Bill was a great inspiration for me after I walked away from our visit at the Hospital  –  he had been there for Three days and was not having surgery until Monday (I visited with him on Friday).    The people at the hospital were able to experience Jesus when they came in contact with Bill.   Here is what really inspired me – even though he was in the Hospital, he still may a List of what he needed to accomplish during the day…    He had to be a little more creative since he could not work in the yard or do chores.   Here is his List for Friday August 8th – I asked if I could take it his list – it will be framed….  
Do it Now:
             Give of myself
             Pray for 2 Young Women in ICU
             Pray for M.P.
             Find ways to thank God and Praise Him
             Smile a lot
              **Dare to become a Great Writer and Inventor
        ***** THINK BIGGER
 WOW – His first thoughts are for others and not his situation….   and to make sure he did what he wrote down.   Can we do the same – come up with a Daily Plan and Do IT…     Bill does this every day.          
          He blessed me with some scripture that I will be sharing in another Blog – I had asked him how to pray about Spiritual Warfare and He truly has some great Wisdom.

 So Today as you go forward….   come up with a list of ways that people can see Jesus in you and Do It…..


**PS — just a follow up – Bill got of the Hospital on Saturday (Aug 16th) – they had to do the 2 by passes and also one stint…