Christmas Gifts:

      I had gotten out of the Christmas Spirit of giving gifts on Christmas day until my Grand Kids came…    I had seen so many people going into Debt to buy just the right gift for everyone (Family – Friends – Co-Workers – Paper boy and the most important one of all –  the Mail Man).  When I observed my boys and their families going into Debt to buy me a Gift – I said enough – we need to celebrate the most important gift of all “Jesus”.   So we quit giving each other Gifts….
       My wife blew it this year and gave me a gift a couple of weeks ago -she had stated that she had a surprise for me and that normally scares me to death most of the time.   Then she handed me this book – “Reflections” – I was in tears before I could open it up…   It was a book of all the Blogs that I have written in the last couple of years.    All the way from “The Making of the Bed” – to    “How is Your Relationship with Christ”  –  to   “Do Mosquitoes have Free Will”.
          Inside the front cover was a dedication that had be Bawling – “For my husband in celebration of our 40 years together.  We make God smile everyday as we try to become the Man and Woman He has called us to be – as individuals together.”  She has been an inspiration for several of my Blogs and there are times she will hand me something and state – this would be something great to write about.   There are times I have to tell her Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars – How am I supposed to explain this one to the guys.      **Now I have to rethink that aspect of giving gifts when they come in a treasured package as this one.
           So now back to the Greatest Gift of all – besides my Wonderful Wife – our greatest Gift this time of year is “Jesus”.     This is a gift that will keep on giving and will have an eternal reward. 

          So as you are shopping to buy that perfect Gift – remember to add the one Gift that should always come on Christmas Day….

Happy Birthday


Please find a Christmas Eve Church Service this Wednesday and enjoy celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.


 PS –  My Grandkids can tell you the Reason for the Season – they are AWESOME. Then they enjoy the gifts from their PaPa and NaNa….  we do spoil them some.