I had this whole Blog ready to write about – it was going to be about what has been in my heart from a couple of books I have been reading…  One book is a fictional book about COIL – a group of special OPS Christians fighting for Christians who are being persecuted.  They go into the world of danger with their faith in God getting them through all the trials they are going to encounter (I wish I had their faith and relationship with Christ).   The other Book is “Life with a Capital L” from Matt Heard….. And is a great read on what Life is truly about.  
        My friend Nick texted me today (Sunday) about Erwin McManus – he is one of the Authors that has impacted me the most on where I am today.   Erwin’s Sermon today at his church “Mosaic in Los Angeles” was on “Battle Ready” and it was one of the most Powerful Messages I have heard from Erwin.   During his sermon he announced that he has Cancer and this will be his last sermon for a little while since he is going into surgery on Tuesday.  
          I knew 2017 was going to be a year for Christians to step up and be bold about their faith – this message was just about that.   I am heartbroken about Erwin’s sickness but at the same time I am extremely encouraged about the message he gave today…   it has me fired up for what has been in my heart for 2017.
  I am not going to write much more about this – but I want you to listen to his message………   it will change your life…
 Message by Erwin McManus “Battle Ready”   enjoy and be encouraged and ready to engage. (Please click on the button)  [button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] about 30 minutes into the YouTube is when his message starts but it is all good… 
PS – his new book “The Last Arrow” I cannot wait for it to come out.   [button link=”″ newwindow=”yes”]