Are you a Jesus Freak????

     In my job I get to travel allot and several years ago I was training inGreen River WY. and one of the employees got my attention.  While I was training Jeff started complaining about another employee who was a Christian and how he was always Preaching at everyone.   Then he turned to me and looked me straight in the eyes and asked the question “Are you one of those Jesus Freaks”?????………………………………………   I pondered that question and finally answered it — but the really big question that popped in my head was –   “Do people see Jesus in Me?”
    Since then I look at Evangelism in a different way – I believe one of the greatest tools for Evangelism is that people need to see Jesus in Me.  I do not mean that I am suppose to be Preaching at everyone that I encounter – but that I have a Spirit of Jesus that it is the core of my personality.  When people connect with me – they will encounter something really Special/Different that they will want to know more about.  It will become such a contagious personality that it will enable me to share what makes me Different. J
    I have been blessed to have a couple of people in my life that portray that type of personality:
            One of them is my Wife:   She has one of those Special personalities and it is apparent when she encounters people at her work.  I believe that the people come to experience her and leave with this special feeling because of the work that Jesus is doing through her – The Services she supplies becomes secondary to them.
            The other person is Jim (one of GMM’s Great Leaders).  Jim and I have been doing ministry work for a very long time – but recently he had a very bad Motorcycle accident and it will take him several months to re-coop.  What has been amazing is the way he is going forward through this terrible accident.  Anyone who has come into contact with him knows that there is something special and he has been a great example of People seeing Jesus in him.
    So the question comes back – Do they see Jesus in Me?  –  I have come a long ways since that first encounter of being asked if I was a Jesus Freak and I have a very long way to go to make sure that I am never asked that again.  I try to focus on each experience that I encounter and try to decipher how Jesus would respond and it is getting better.
     I have also had to understand that not everyone will see Jesus in me and there will be times that I really blow it.  I also have to remind myself – Jesus encountered Pharisees that seen him as an enemy and we will too – but I still need to focus on my response as I go forward as Jesus did.
Here are some areas to Ponder the Question:  Do they see Jesus in Me?  (You may have others that I have not identified – the list could be very largeJ).

  1. When I have a disagreement at Church – Do the Church members see Jesus in Me?
  2. When I am playing Softball and the Umpire makes a terrible call – Do the Team members see Jesus in Me?  (Pastor Bob)
  3. When I am standing in the really long line at the Post Office – Do the people around me see Jesus in Me?  (Just had to plug this one in)
  4. When I get bad service at a Restaurant or Store – Do the Servers see Jesus in Me?  (2$ bills)
  5. When the Bad Driver cuts me off – Does my family see Jesus in Me?  (Pres. Ryan)
  6. When I am in a tough work enviroument – Do my Co-Workers see Jesus in Me? 
  7. My Relationship with my wife – Does she see Jesus in Me?  Ditto for my Kids…
  8. When I am encountering one those Hardships that are suppose to be pure Joy – Does the world see Jesus in Me? (Jim – you are doing great)

**So when people encounter me – the encounter should be pointing to Him…
Bobby G.