“Activate Your Faith” is this the Road Less Traveled?

I have been on the Road the last couple of days – and the Analogy of the Road Less Traveled has been my focus – with the snow today – that seemed to be the best road to take.  There was a letter in the News Paper on Sunday from a Pastor and he was commenting on another article from another Pastor.   What I really got from the letter was that we need to seek the truth from the one and only person that has it   “Jesus”.    Seeking the Truth from Jesus seems to be the road less traveled…   we seem to seek the truth from other sources – such as Grand Fathers, a really good friend, a counselor – but not the one source we should be going to.
As I was traveling today down the road less traveled – there seemed to be more sun light and it was a much easier way to go.  As with seeking the Truth from Jesus – He is the light and our Life will be filled with Love, Joy, Peace and all the other Gifts that he promises if we seek it.
This article also explained that the other Pastor was directed towards the truth that our culture was taking – and it was in Contradiction of Christ’s words.   As we seek the truth – we may not like what we hear – but it is the Truth and the only path that we should be taking.  As in my travels — the road will not always be great and I did run into a few storms along the way.  But as with the storms of life – if we focus on Jesus – he will take us through anything that comes our way.  As the article finished – it stated that “Jesus is the truth and his words to us are final, timeless and universal”.   AMEN
As we get closer to the upcoming GMM Conference – I am reminded about what it is that the Conference is about.   Vicki at the Civic Center wrote this description that is posted on the Cheyenne Civic Center Web Site:  “God’s Mighty Men Conference: Keynote Speaker Pastor Paul Ruzinsky. Your Relationship with Christ will be enhanced to a new spiritual level – Join this conference with God’s Mighty Men and experience this new relationship with Christ.”   This is a great way of explaining what we must stay focused on.
**So Please as you go forward in seeking the Truth – Look to the one and only person that has it   “Jesus Christ”.                                              “Activate Your Faith”