2015: What does that look like for you?

          I was thinking about what this year should be about…. our 2015 theme for GMM Conference (God’s Mighty Men) is “True Identity “ –  This is going to be a powerful topic coming up on November 15th.      But for me hit as    “The Year of Jesus” – there has been a couple of items that have passed by me that tweaked this…
           My Dad gets a News Letter from my Uncle Andy who is a Pastor in Wheatland and it had a couple of sayings that I really liked.

  1.  2014 is about over a new beginning is coming.  The phrase from Philippians 1:21, sticks to my conscience:   “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”  Does that phrase have meaning in 2015?  Is there a change in living for Christ going to happen?  Every year can be, if we choose a year where more of Christ’s attributes are seen in us.  Praise God we can all grow in Christ, look like Christ, talk like Christ and be ready for “gain”!       (In His Great Love…………. Andy)
  2. Another year is passing and he has not returned.  Yet daily we’re brought closer to that for which we’ve yearned.  Our hearts with longing ponder when we will see the face of Him whose daily mercies our thankful hearts can trace.  Yet looking through the lattice, unseen to mortal eyes, each thought and action knowing, He every motive tries.  With arms outstretched in waiting we view another year and ask, “O Savior, is it the blessed crowning year?”  To be forever with Him, the One our hearts adore, delighting in His presence, desiring nothing more.  While we wait, beloved, let us not fall behind before the dawn is darkest more testing’s yet you’ll find.  But keep ahead the glory, ne’er let it fade from view.  The Lord of glory comes – What will He find in you?   (Article in the News Letter).

 These are some great items to ponder as you look at the coming 2015 year.. 
          Pastor Shawn in his sermon came up with this saying that is a really great one to practice that fell into the sayings above for 2015. 

“Rapture Practice”

We should always eagerly await the coming of Jesus as if he were coming today to take us Home..   AMEN