Where are you going when you DIE?

This is a great question….   When I talked to the Young man Garret who does a College Ministry on the Fort Collins Campus – I asked him how he approaches the young adults he comes into contact with. Garret stated that one of the ways he starts a conversation is to ask this Question: “Where to you think you would go when you die?” If they respond it starts a great conversation where he can explain Heaven and Hell and how to be saved….     What a way to evangelize – I wish I had Garret’s boldness, but it is great to see our young people energized is sharing their faith.
This weekend I joined my family in the mountains to finalize my Dad’s funeral – He passed away in January.   We have a spot in the mountains where most of us will be laid to rest and we have set up a memorial in honor of my Parents. The best part of this is: We know where my parents are because of their faith.   My dad and mom at the end of their days had broken bodies and broken minds. I know that they now have a New Spiritual Body/Mind that works and they are rejoicing in Heaven.   AMEN
As a family of faith it is extremely comforting to know that Heaven is where we spend eternity.  But for my family members that have gone astray I need to have the Boldness that Garret has and ask them the question. “When you die are you going to Heaven or Hell?   Because of my Dad and Mom they will understand the consequences of their decisions.   We can have the assurance of eternal life in Heaven if we just trust in Jesus…. They need to know this….


So where are you when it comes to evangelizing and especially to family members?

Are you asking the question to those around you?

Where are you going when you DIE?

Now is a great time to start!