The Gift of a Bible

Post from Bob W.
Hello, GMM blog readers.
Jillette Penn is half of the comedi​an​ magicians duo Penn and Teller ​; he is a brilliant man and an avowed atheist.
​ Here’s a frank and moving video worth watching ​ because of his perspective about “proselytizing”.  ​ ​In it, he tells of receiving the gift of a Bible and  his thoughts on Christian​ evangelism.
​He doesn’t respect people who don’t proselytize!​
​So, when the opportunities come to share my faith, the questions are:

  • am sincerely complimentary, polite, kind, and good to skeptics? 
  • will I look a non-believer right in the eyes; or am I “defensive” about my faith?
  • since I truly believe there’s a heaven and a hell, do I care enough about this other human being, made in the image of God, to take the risk of being “socially awkward”?
  • how much do I have to hate someone, to believe everlasting life is possible, and yet not tell them the Gospel?

​Bob W.