Take care of MY People!

** One of my favorite talks is about ministering to the people who are in front of you. It may be the store clerk, a waitress/waiter, or someone on the street. I believe when we encounter people they should know we are Christians by the way we greet them. So the story below was just after I retired and had this look of what do I do now.. This incident below hit me really hard – sometimes God puts people right in front of us and we have a choice on how we respond. Do we take care of His people or just keep on walking and do nothing… **

        I was doing one of my Wilderness walks today and my prayers have been about what am I going to do since I have just retired.   As one of my previous blogs stated – one of my wilderness walks is to go on the Greenway, it is just at the end of my street.      I had some great visits with my Advisory Pastors this week but nothing is sinking in yet. 
          Just as I am starting my walk I look down the Greenway a little bit and there is this young man sitting on his duffle bag.   As I get closer he has his face in his hands and I thought he was just resting.  He looked up so I asked him how he was doing – isn’t that what you are supposed to do?   His response was “Oh just living out of my bag” > OH… now what am I supposed to do?   We had a brief talk and some pleasantries were passed, and as I am walking away I say “God Bless You”.    You have to understand that this is not normal for me – but it felt like I should say it.  He had this big smile and said back to me “God Bless you also”.
          I then proceeded to get back to the my Wilderness walk on the Greenway and I was not more than 30 feet past this young Man and God started his talk with me>>>>.   He told me that I had been praying about what I am going to do in retirement and I just walked by what he wanted me to do……….   “Take care of My People”    So I turned around and went back to this young man and told him:   “I said God Bless you but I failed to bless you”.   So I handed him some money (I cannot tell you how much but I wanted to bless him) and then I told him to go have lunch…    Now his response is what really did it for me….  He stated:  “It is all about Jesus and thank you” –   this is one of those WOW moments and he must have been sitting there praying when I walked up the first time.
          So there was my answer to what I am supposed to do in retirement:  “Take care of God’s People”.  I do not know what that looks like as I go forward, but I do know that I cannot miss those opportunities again.   As I walked away I told him I knew the battle was hard that he was going through and I wished him good luck.  
          We as Christians are in a battle at the present time – and there are even a few Christians who are homeless living out of their bags.    I must be looking for those opportunities to help God’s people in need and I am excited to see what that looks like as I walk with Jesus in this new season of life.  
          **Diane and I shared a song on Face Book recently that was about those times that God does not seem to be taking care of our problems at the present time – but I am still going to Trust in Him as I go forward…     I believe that this song was this young man’s life…    Please enjoy listening to it…  (It is a very powerful song)
Lauren Daigle – Trust In You:

So Please look for those opportunities God put’s in front of you help His People.

You just might be the answer to someone’s Prayer……….

And who knows – you just might be helping an Angel.

If you walk by – get ready for those talks from God – then turn around.