I normally do not get into politics in my Blogs. But I do want to touch on a topic that I have been seeing lately and it impresses me as I see Christians talking about their beliefs.
As you know the United States of America that we live in has become extremely divided in Morality issues from a Christian’s view point. For so long we as Christians have set back and not spoken out because we have been told we need to be Tolerant…. I want you to know that I believe the Tolerance that has been preached is harmful and the Morality Issues that Christians disagree with have become normalized because of it.  I am one who has been guilty of not “SPEAKING OUT”.
Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with a young man (Garret) who is doing a Ministry on the Colorado State University Campus. He stated that the Holy Spirit has prompted him to start speaking out about Jesus and so he is doing that on the CSU Campus (His boldness is inspiring).   That was a WOW moment to see young people stepping out of their comfort zone and “SPEAKING OUT”.
There have also been allot of articles in the local newspaper from Christians talking about what they believe in and disagreeing with some local issues that are going to be presented to our City Council.   I attended a Ward 2 meeting last night with 3 of the Councilmen and Mayor Orr.   The Topic of the SOGI ordinance came up and several people expressed their opposition to the Ordinance (not the people). During the meeting it was stated by some that this is the way the country is going so we just need to keep up with the times.   OUCH>>>>>
My question is:   Is it too late to start speaking out about our Christian beliefs in order to change what is happening in our world or can we speak out and make a difference? GREAT QUESTION:
I have to believe from what I am seeing with Christians “SPEAKING OUT” is that it is starting to have an impact.   The Leadership are starting to open up their doors to listen to what is being said and it is impacting those who are pushing the issue that we disagree with.   So it is working – keep it up….
We must remember as we are “SPEAKING OUT” it must be done in a peaceful manner and Jesus must be working through us to show our Love for our Neighbors.

So are you “SPEAKING OUT” to let others know what you believe?

Now is the time to start….