Praying for Christmas!

I attended a couple of prayer meetings yesterday and we prayed allot about different issues that we encounter during Christmas in the first Prayer Group.   The Second Prayer group I attended we prayed for the City of Cheyenne and we have an outline on what to pray about.   I thought I would take each of these outline items and connect them into how to pray for Christmas this year….
Here they are…

  • The Harvest:   Pray that more people will get to know Jesus during this Christmas Season.
  • Power: Pray that the Power of the Holy Spirit will be working on the hearts on those who do not know Jesus and that they will have this desire to know more about Him.
  • Unity: Pray that all the people will be united in sharing the good news of Jesus birth.
  • Disciples: Pray that we can all be bold about what we believe during this time of year and share it.
  • Fullness: Pray that we will be filled with the Christmas Spirit “Jesus” – and remember that this is when God chose to be among us.
  • First Love – Love Others:   Pray that we remember that Love is the most important part of Christmas – First for Jesus and then for those who surround us (even the ones we do not like).
  • Pastors: Pray that our Pastors are not overwhelmed during this Christmas Season and that they can enjoy it with their families.
  • God’s Kingdom: Pray that this will be the time that everyone remembers the reason for the season — it is one of the two days that some attend church – make them welcome so that they desire to be part of the Family.
  • Pray for God’s people in Cheyenne to be positioned strategically: Pray that the people of Cheyenne can be used. That the people will be open to God’s calling in helping others and know it…..
  • For Our Leaders: Pray for our Leaders in all areas – The Church, In Washington DC, in our Local Government, and in our First Responders.   There may me other areas that you can think of – but this is a year that many of them will need our prayers.
  • For Protection of Our Religious Freedoms: I like this one…. Pray that when we say “Merry Christmas” that no one gets in trouble.
  • For the Church in Cheyenne to Pray: Pray that when a church has a Prayer meeting that people will actually come and Pray.
  • Healing of Division: I like this one being the last one.   There are so many families that struggle with relationships and this is the time of year for them to get together…. So Pray that relationships may be healed during Christmas and that this may be a GREAT Time to Love each other.

OK – now it is time to pray – it is the most powerful tool that we have been gifted with! Remember as you pray about each of these topics make them yours…..