Out Loud and On Purpose:

One of my Daily Devotions recently had this Scripture:  Proverbs 20:5   The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.   Now my question is:  What does Deep Waters Mean?
               The Devotion talked about a person who was taken home at an early age – but his life was one of Challenging others and living a life for God.   “God has things He wants us to do, but without focus and purpose, we can easily miss what those are”.                  
                When I Googled:              “deep waters — what does this mean”  –  here is one of the explanations that I got. 
I think a good analogy would be the Samaritan woman who spoke with Jesus Christ.
 Most people live their lives without telling anyone what their deepest spiritual desire is. Only God knows what it is. And for most who have fallen away or strayed away or drifted away from the faith of their youth or maybe not even their faith, but have lost the innocence of youth.
 Their inner spirit cries out for that something lost. And she did that day when she met Jesus. And Jesus told her what her inner need was. She needed water that would never run out and Jesus told her all that she was. And this woman believed Jesus and became the first missionary to Samaria and they came to listen to Jesus and many were saved.
 Now Jesus was able to draw out what was in the Deepest part of a person’s Heart and then they went forward with understanding the purpose of what He has is store for them to do.   This happens today when we are in His Word and are in tune to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.   When this happens then we are like the Person in my Devotion or the Samaritan Woman –   We live a life that is “Out Loud and On Purpose”. 
                I have a Pastor Friend (Ron Frost) that has taken the next step into Deep Waters –  He has a vision of taking his ministry to the Truck Drivers on the Road….   God Touched his heart in the Deepest way several years back and he has been Obedient to the calling.   If you were to set down and visit with him – he would be one who could draw out your Hearts Deepest Yearnings…