GMM Conference – 5 items to encounter

Church this morning peaked a passion in me to present the 5 items we would like guys to experience at one of GMM Conferences.   I would ask that you look at each of them and pray that God would be working in each of you to achieve one or more of them.  As a GMM team we see these as being essential for each of you…..   references below.

What to expect from the GMM Conference experience

“”How big is Your GOD”  

 “Alive in Christ”

“Driven by the Power of the Holy Spirit”

“Activate Your Faith”

“Radical Truth and Grace”

  1. “To stand up and      band together” – GMM would have all men of Cheyenne united in one body,      that they would break down all denominational barriers and be able to      connect with a larger body of Godly men.


  1. “With encouragement and the power      that the Holy Spirit gives, God’s Mighty Men will stand up and band      together to win souls for Christ, while at the same time fortifying their      town and churches from Satan’s attack.” –  GMM would have all men go back as      warriors to their churches wearing the armor of GOD for the purpose of      bringing the lost in and building up their congregations to win the      battle.  They would also cover their      congregations with the power of prayer to protect them from Satan’s attacks.


  1. “Your      Relationship with Christ would be enhanced to a new spiritual level” – GMM      would have all men experience this new relationship with Christ and have      people see Christ shining through them.      


  1. “Your ministry would be enhanced with a greater passion”  – GMM would have all men filled with the      Holy Spirit, and want to become more active in their church and have this Passion      that would become so contagious that it would flow to all GOD’s people      with whom they come in contact.


  1. “You would go forth and support your pastor and his vision” – GMM      would have all men go back to their church and support their Pastor and      his vision with a much higher level of enthusiasms.

God’s Mighty Men…..