Child of the 1 TRUE KING – Part III

So people are out loud in public confessing their sins, when it gets to me I want say Pass, but a month later I was told I actually said Hi my name is Jay and I am addicted to porn (don’t ever remember saying it). Then comes the conference feeling real uneasy, but by this time the Holy Spirit has me just where He wants me, as the conference goes on I realize I cannot run or hide anymore nor do I want to, by the time the alter call comes around I can’t wait to get down there and give all to God. Well I did give it ALL to My Lord and Savior right there and He took every bit of my sin and cast it away as far as the east is from the west never for it to return.
What seemed like a life time of hiding and being ashamed has now been a New beginning. Feeling for the first time as a Christian unashamed of the Gospel. I continue to be healed, though God has taken away my sin there is still plenty of work to be down.
My encouragement for any brother in sin is to Please turn it over to the ONE TRUE HEALER JESUS CHRIST, I never thought I could or would be healed but you can, if you swallow your pride and let Christ be the center of your life. Get involved in a recovery group contact me if you need help, talk to your Pastor, someone you trust, just start the healing NOW!!
Worship is alive in me not only do I have my own concerts (just YouTube any Christian artist) and jam away.
My theme song for life has become HELLO MY NAME IS by Matthew West (who will be here in Cheyenne October 8th) the song and the story behind it is me and I am so proud that now I don’t introduce myself as Jay a porn addict, but Hello my name is Jay A CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING.
In Christ glorious name,
Jay C. Goldberg