2014 – Fighting the Battle as a Three Strand Cord

I hope your Christmas went well – I was really blessed this year with my 3 boys and their families – it was great to be around family and enjoy the reason for the season.
Well somewhere in the back of my mind this question came up – it seemed to be lost back there – but I know that I read it somewhere or heard it.   The question was:   “Have you prayed to have God put someone in your life to help you from falling”.   I have always been a Promise Keeper at Heart and this is one of the areas that has come out of their ministry.   Guys seem to take on their problems all alone and refuse to seek help from someone else to help get them through the hard times but we need help.   A couple of verses come to mind when I think about this.
Ecclesiastes 4:12   though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
 Proverbs 27:17    Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
 There is allot of wisdom in these verses – it is so much easier to overpower what is taking you down when you have a couple of other brothers to help you through battle.   I have prayed this prayer a couple of times this year and God has blessed me with some great brothers to come to my rescue….  (It is an awesome experience to have a brother come along side you through the battle)

**In the Book The Barbarian Way there is a section about men fighting the battle together as they are going forward –     “Although the force of one person fully committed to God is tremendous, it pales in comparison to the force of God’s people moving together.  One barbarian wandering through civilization can be discarded as nothing more than an oddity.  But when members of the barbarian tribe line up across the battlefield side by side, something amazing begins to happen;  Dark kingdoms tremble; the dungeons and prisons that hold men, women, and children captive crumble; prison doors open; chains unlock; and multitudes come to freedom.  Whenever the barbarians of Christ pass through civilization, the oppressed and forgotten are soon found dancing in the streets.”

    Now here comes the next questions — you may have that group of guys who you fight the battle with (I call them my 2am guys) – but what if you are the answer to the prayer someone is praying.    We all have opportunities to help someone get through hard times and we either do not find the time – or just plain miss the promptings of God when he is pointing you in that direction.

 “My challenge to you this next year (2014) is either to find someone to help you through the battles – or to be that answer to someone’s prayer who is need of a brother to help him fight the Battle”.