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****May 12th –  Every 12th of the Month we pray for the City of Cheyenne (emails sent each month) at 6:30pm.   This month instead of meeting at Cheyenne Alliance we will be meeting at Steve Walter’s home (363 Arbor Lane).

****May 19th – GMM Board Meeting – email sent to the Board..

***August 11th:   GMM Wilderness hike in Snowy Range – 5 miles down hill for some of us that are just a little aged challenged.   Brooklyn Lake to North Fork Camp Ground on the Sand Lake road.   There is some great brook trout fishing or just enjoy a great hike with the guys.   Invite your sons to come along.                   **More information to come.  Bobbyg

If you know of other activities you would like to do please let me know.   Bob Gudahl